Text/Web Directions

Starting today we are partnering with GiveLively to offer our parishioners a way to give via two new
methods. The two programs are a “Text To Give” program and a “Web Page” program.
In the “Text To Give” program we have set up six categories (we will sometimes add a special code) you can make donations too. Those Six
categories and any specials with the text code are:  
Name of Category Text Code
General Envelope Giving GENENVELOPE
St Joe’s School donation STJOESCHOOL
St Joseph Ed Foundation SJEDFOUNDATION
St Joseph Cemetery SJCEMETERY
Second Collection SJ2ndCOLLECTION (will go to whatever 2nd
collection was for the week of donation)

Two new codes are temporarily added for text donations for the Fall Festival.  If you want to make a donation to the Festival use the code: FALLFESTIVAL.  If you wish to buy Fall Festival Raffle tickets you can text the code: FALLFESTIVALRAFFLE to the number below.

If you choose to give using your phone in the “Text To Give” option the following steps are all that
are needed to get started.
1. Text the code shown above for the category you wish to donate to to 44321. The text codes are
NOT case sensitive so no need to enter in all caps. For example: if you wish to donate to the
Sunday Offertory you simply text 44321 and enter “offertory” and send.
2. You will receive a link to the GiveLively site. Click on the link.
3. You will be asked for your donation amount. Once you have selected your donation amount you
will be asked to select your payment method (bank or credit card).
4. You will be given the option of covering the processing fee if you choose. The amount of the
processing fee will be displayed before you make your decision.
5. You will be asked for your bank or credit card information depending on the method of payment
you selected. You will be given the option of saving the bank or credit card information so that
you do not have to enter it for future donations.
6. Once your payment method has been verified a thank you will appear on your phone and an
email will be sent to you showing your donation information. This can be printed and used for
tax purposes.
Important Note: If your donation fails to go through and you get an error message, try using
another browser. In other words, if you are using Google Chrome try Fire Fox or Safari etc. as
we have found that sometimes a particular browser does not work with a particular cell phone
service but it varies so please try again with another browser.
You can also now use our “DONATE” buttons on our web site to make donations any time from the
comfort of your computer or phone. Simply follow these steps.
1. Go to our website at: https://stjoseph-dewitt.weconnect.com/
2. Click on the donation button for the campaign you wish to contribute to (they are the same as
those for the “Text to Give” program above.
3. Follow the prompts to give from your bank account or credit card.
4. You will get a email receipt that you can print for tax purposes if you choose.